Brent Amaker

Welcome to the next chapter of western performance art from the mind of Brent Amaker. After touring the world for over decade with his band of cowboys, Mr. Amaker has partnered with Darci Carlson and a rotating cast of desperadosfor the next generation of musical comrades. The DeathSquad, composed of Darci Carlson (Bass & Vocals), Nozomi Momo (Drums & Vocals), Bryan Crawford (Drums & Vocals) and Izzie White (The Boss), are here to deliver the hurt and take no prisoners.Brent Amaker DeathSquad just signed to M&O Music inFrance, and will be touring Europe in early 2020. Get ready folks. The DeathSquad has arrived.Brent Amaker DeathSquad performs both newly written material as well as Brent Amaker and the Rodeo classics,once again in matching threads.